Oil Spill / Gas leak Mapping

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Usecases / Oil & Gas


Business Driver

To perform advanced Gas Asset Management through Predictive Data Analytics, customer wants to collect and assess Methane data that gives a much richer view of gas assets in real-time


  • A Leak Detection system is built using location analysis by deploying Esri ArcGIS Portal Environment which established seamless collaboration with Customers sharing Esri Platform.  A unified, real-time picture of asset data is developed for accurate forecasting of projected leak survey and repair requirements
  • New analytics dataset update: Python based script to run on a scheduled task, to pull the transactional database update. Cubed database
  • Picarro GIS Portal to Customer GIS Portal Collaboration: This integration is done between two common Portal groups

Value Proposition

  • Transform traditional leak survey and repair protocols and benefit from business process automation
  • Provides actionable insights to solve high value operations and business objectives
  • Highly valuable perspective on the health and safety of gas asset infrastructure


  • Esri ArcGIS Enterprise
  • Notebook server, Python Scripting
  • Microsoft .Net
  • IoT Integration