Air Quality Monitoring

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Usecases / Environment


Business Driver

Integrating GIS & IoT sensor data for creating secure web based Air Quality Monitoring system extension on Enviroportal disseminating Air Quality Indices and Criteria Pollutants.


  • Live Air quality index and Criteria Pollutants values of all Monitoring stations on Map
  • Interactive Analytics using Live and Historical Data
  • Data Download based on user defined criteria
  • GIS & IoT based Web and Mobile solution

Value Proposition

  • Live air quality data for citizens to analyse air health conditions of a particular place
  • AQI and Pollutants trends for Air quality scientists, Stake holders and environment agencies for effective decision making


  • Esri ArcGIS Enterprise
  • Microsoft .NET
  • IoT-Integration Component
  • High-Charts
  • Mobile iOS and Android

Other Use Cases