Pipe Line Leak Detection

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Usecases / Oil & Gas


Pipeline leaks can have serious consequences including threats to human safety, damage to the environment, property and reputation, not to mention the financial loss through fines and clean-up costs.

For maximum efficiency it’s important that pipeline operators have a leak detection system (LDS) that they can rely on and ensure that they can detect leaks quickly, locate leaks accurately, issue minimal false alarms, be easy to retrofit, work effectively under all operating conditions and use sensors with high reliability and low maintenance.


For oil pipelines

Our products provide valuable information about leak size, location and amount of product lost when a leak occurs. We use a variety of field-tested methods including flow balance, rarefaction wave, model-based methods and pressure step to provide effective leak detection and location.

For gas pipelines

Gas pipeline operators need to be able to monitor the entire network with accurate information. Rapid detection of any gas pipeline leaks is critical to prevent any potential disasters.

For chemical pipelines

While pipelines are the safest form of transportation for chemicals there is still a responsibility to prevent damage to people, property and the environment as well as protecting your reputation. A reliable leak detection solution is invaluable to help mitigate these risks.