Automatic Number plate recognition

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Usecases / Government Sector


 Business Driver

  • The objective is to develop a web-based IoT-GIS application that integrates incidents data from live feeds captured from Cameras (IoT based) and Automated Number Plate Recognition systems
  • The department plans to setup AI systems to monitor traffic patterns using the feeds from installed cameras and ANPR datasets


  • Proposed a simple web based viewer/application as a solution
    • See camera alerts
    • Select a camera and display the video feed of the selected camera
    • View attributes of that selected camera
  • The police departmental users will be provided with the capability to Create, update and delete GIS datasets
  • Web and Mobile solution

Value Proposition

  • To leverage GIS platform for managing and improving real-time law enforcement response and public safety
  • GIS integrated with ANPR allows an operator to view the camera locations and provide geographical data when managing an incident as well as controlling specific video feeds (from Milestone) to be displayed on a dedicated video monitor


  • Esri ArcGIS Enterprise and Portal for ArcGIS
  • Milestone system integration
  • Microsoft .Net and SQL Server
  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript API