Virtual Assistants

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Usecases / Government Sector


Business Driver

There are approx. 30 domains that cover all policies. While it is possible for government employees to learn these, government departments frequently have new employees who have to learn the same content. Difficulty managing field workforce management.


  • Enhance G2G interaction by building a cognitive Virtual Assistant that can act on behalf of support teams and SMEs
  • Allowing other government departments to easily get the common questions end users ask, and in a format that they can easily understand. For the less common questions the system will attempt to find the best answer, and inform the end user if it is needed to be escalated
  • Ability to find the correct content will be based on the content ingested into the software to train and respond

Value Proposition

  • 24/7 availability
  • Increase efficiency and optimise the cost
  • Increase user experience


  • BrAeIn - AI
  • Dialog Flow
  • IBM Watson
  • Python